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Agency TOP - Translation and Interpretation

Long-term experience of our translation agency.

Agency TOP was established in 1997. Since then it has continuously provided its services in the field of translation and interpretation for the ever-growing number of customers.

  For complete information in English, please visit our website www.agenturatop.com

Translation into foreign languages and from foreign languages.

In our translation agency we translate to and from over 40 world languages. If required we can provide a translation in non-standard and lesser-used languages.

What translations we do?

  •   official and legal translations / certified translations
  •   translations of extracts from criminal records and proof of permanent residence
  •   simple translation of texts
  •   translations of documents from social life
  •   translations of documents from the legal field
  •   translations of social agreements, contracts and other agreements
  •   translations of technical publications
  •   translations of manuals
  •   translations of documents from the private and public sector
  •   translations of the certificate of state examination as well as other certificates
  •   translations of study programs, results and confirmation of attendance
  •   translations of birth and marriage certificates
  •   translations of certificates, official documents
  •   translations of resolutions and decisions
  •   translations of other texts as required


  •   Consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting
  •   We interpret business meetings and official talks
  •   We interpret presentations, lectures and seminars
  •   We interpret social gatherings and informal talks

Our translators and native speakers

We cooperate with numerous partners around the world in various specialized fields. The quality of these translators is verified by many years of working on a number of projects. Thanks to the cooperation with foreign translators we can also translate in various language combinations, omitting the Slovak language.

Working languages:

  •   Albanian
  •   English
  •   Arabic
  •   Armenian
  •   Bulgarian
  •   Czech
  •   Croatian
  •   Chinese
  •   French
  •   Greece
  •   Hebrew
  •   Dutch
  •   Indonesian
  •   Japanese
  •   Latin
  •   Macedonian
  •   Hungarian
  •   German
  •   Norwegian
  •   Persian
  •   Polish
  •   Portuguese
  •   Romanian
  •   Russian
  •   Slovenian
  •   Serbian
  •   Spain
  •   Sweden
  •   Italy
  •   Turkey
  •   Ukrainian
  •   Vietnamese

Important contacts

Landline: +421 37 650 36 52
Mobile (communication in Slovak and English language): +421 903 406 457
e-mail: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.

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